Yves Ardelt

Jazz & Pop
ArtEZ Conservatorium Utrechtsestraat 85, Arnhem Concertzaal

Guitarist Yves Ardelt presents a suite of original songs all built around the common theme of the 7 new cardinal sins and their demonic representation. Pseudonymity, Narcissism, Cynicism, Opportunism, Denialism, Fatalism and Fanaticism will all be given a voice thanks to a vast array talented collaborators. The musical influences for this piece are just as broad, reaching from classical romanticism to avant garde jazz, with splashes of 70ies psychedelics and 90ies grunge.

Yves Ardelt - guitar
Nils Matusiak - bass
Helge Sorg - drums and effects
Milan Kühn - saxophone

Esther van Maanen as Baphomet / Pseudonimity
Benjamin Thode as Belial / Cynicism
Susanne Hirschmann as Beelzebub / Opportunism
Daria Assmus as Leviathan / Denialism
Evi Bosman as Behemoth / Fatalism
Peter Nijland as Moloch / Fanaticism



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