AnnaMina Schneider

Final Exam Jazz & Pop vocals: AnnaMina Schneider

ArtEZ Conservatorium Utrechtsestraat 85, Arnhem
AnnaMina Schneider

She slept in the violin case while her mother played music and composed.

Since the beginning of her life AnnaMina has experienced the wonderful power of musical expression, her artistic and musical roots.

Today she sings and composes. Her writing is a mixture of modern jazz, experimental pop, world music, hip hop, drum n'bass and poetry.

Four years ago, she enrolled at Arnhem's Artez University of Arts to immerse herself in the music and develop her own sound.

At 21:00 on 20 June she will play her final at the Concerthall in Arnhem, where she plays her own compositions with various instrumentalists. The evening is filled with lyrical lyrics that meet soft and wild melodies and bass reefs and then begin to breathe through improvisation.


"Mystic Forest Waves beating against the rocks, cause a thunderstorm.

Flowers bloom through my mouth Search for the words a seed in my heart …“



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