Uurtje Oost: Tijmen Teunissen and Catarina Cardoso Ribeiro

Theater aan de Rijn Kleine Oord 33 (ingang: Bartok Park, achter het Feestaardvarken), Arnhem

Gratis toegang, work in progress

Een paar keer per maand opent Theater aan de Rijn haar deuren voor jonge makers met bruisende ideeën, prangende vragen en artistieke onderzoeken. Deze keer is het de beurt aan LEX II: Tijmen Teunissen and Catarina Cardoso Ribeiro.

We are two students from the Dance Maker department of ArtEZ University of the Arts. Last year we worked on a performance combining our artistic researches. In these researches we looked at the effects of exhaustion and aggression in relation to the mask a dancer wears on stage.

This July we have the opportunity to work on this performance at De Nieuwe Oost. These two weeks we can work on the choreography, visuals and stage design. We would like to share this development with you and like to hear what you think of it. This can help us advance in the future.



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